Building my table saw cart

Table saw cart — the full concept revealed. Copyright © 2023 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

By fitting a countertop on the table saw, I can have extra workbench space when needed. Unfortunately, the worktop I put aside for this task is bowed, so I’ll have to find a replacement. At least I have been able to prove the concept will work.

The cart is more sturdy than necessary, but I’ve been using up lumber left over from making the folding photography table. I may make a few changes before I’ve finished. 🙂

Since I took this picture, I’ve bolted the saw to a plywood base and added a dust port. I’m very pleased with how well the dust extraction has worked in my initial tests. The saw lifts out on its base so I can swap it for a different tool. I’m now thinking about adding a router table into the mix.

The adjustable legs work well, I can wind them up and down using my cordless drill! The bench can be leveled anywhere in the garage (garage floors slope towards the center and the door), and also level it to my workbench when needed. That’s exactly what I wanted.

I’ve still to fit a back, sides, and bottom shelf. There’s a power strip to be added and thinking ahead to using the cart as a router table, I’m fitting an additional power shut off switch.

Quick test, and I needed to use the table saw! Copyright © 2023 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Copyright © 2023 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.