Jul 11, 2021Dodge Challenger a surprise weekend rental

Dodge Challenger a surprise weekend rental

Dodge Challenger. Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Due to Enterprise renting out all their standard stock of vehicles, I was given the choice of a Challenger, a Mustang, and an Audi for my rental this weekend.

The Audi was immediately discounted because it’s designed for millennials — which is almost as bad, but not quite, as a vehicle designed for boomers; I’m looking at you Nissan Armada — I’ve never been able to get my phone’s Bluetooth to work in a VWA vehicle. I suspect that’s because they only sync to a millennial’s iPhone.

My brother Ian (right) trying to seal the deal. May 2010. Central Dodge, Springfield Missouri Copyright © 2010 Gary Allman, all rights reserved

I took the Challenger over the Mustang as my brother has a thing about the Dodge muscle cars, so it’s was a great opportunity to wind him up (if England losing to Italy on penalties wasn’t good enough already). It was also liveried in a color I like. An ex-pat friend I met at the church I was visiting called it ‘purple.’ It’s burgundy, Robert, if you don’t mind. Oh, and I couldn’t find a USB connection on this vehicle either. It was probably hidden inside the armrest.

Below is a selection of pictures intended to whet my brother’s appetite. The fuel cap is a great improvement over the earlier models. I remember having to look up on the Internet how to open a Charger or Challenger’s fuel cap. The release was a tiny button low-down and to the rear of the driver’s door.

I was surprised to spot a button labeled ‘Sport’ on the console of this vehicle. I resisted any temptation to press it. When I checked the car back in the guys at Enterprise asked if I tried it. I told them not, and their reply was, ‘Chicken!’

Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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