May 22, 2021.Camped off the Ridge Runner/Ozark Trail (and some minor irritations)

Camped off the Ridge Runner/Ozark Trail (and some minor irritations)

Camped off the Ridge Runner Trail – My plan for Friday night was to hike in a mile or so and set up camp for the night. Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

I ended up hiking one and three-quarter miles. I finished my hike shortly before 8 p.m. having spent around 20 minutes looking for a couple of trees that were “just right.” There was a lot of thunder rolling around, so I was also looking for shorter trees that would be less inviting for a lightning strike. Despite the rumbles, there was no rain until the morning when there was a very brief shower before I got up.

The evening was serenaded by the croaks and calls of the local amphibians. More on that later. It was good to be sitting out in the woods again, just breathing in the air and watching the trees as the dark advanced. I can lose myself for hours sitting still, watching and listening. Somehow, I never find the mental space for some of the deep navel-gazing I promise myself I’ll do when I’m relaxing in the woods or hiking the trails. But then, I get to enjoy being out, recharging my mental batteries, and that’s priceless.

Some minor irritations (and stupidities)

  • When I loaded the GPS app, it announced that it had updated. The app proceeded to crash at regular intervals thereafter.
  • Driving down (and on the edge of any cell phone service), I realized that I hadn’t downloaded the maps for this area. So I pulled over and set them downloading. Debating with myself while making my way to the trailhead, I reckoned I would be able to manage the trail with my paper maps, as the route I’d picked had been downloaded, so I could see if I was wildly off track. As it turned out, I had enough cell phone signal for all the maps to download.
  • Once camped for the night, I discovered that I’d brought the wrong cables with me to charge my phone, satellite locator, headlamp, and everything else. I had just grabbed the cables that came with my new battery block and didn’t bother to check their connectors. They were all USB C, whereas all my equipment is standardized on Micro USB. So, my use of the GPS would be very rationed so that my phone (GPS), which will normally only last a day per charge, would last the next two days.
  • My idea of replacing my 7oz washing bottle with a 16oz bladder proved to be a minor failure too. Nothing catastrophic though.

Not to worry. I could cope, but I wasn’t impressed at my own stupidity at forgetting the maps and bringing the wrong cables.

I’d just have to keep usage of the electronics to a minimum and get on with the show.

Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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