Jul 22, 2019Garage Project: Getting Started With Stage IV

Garage Project: Getting Started with Stage IV – I forgot to take a picture before I started clearing away, so the corner to the right had already been cleared. Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

The plan is to build floor to ceiling storage across this end wall with a separate storage area to the right for the shop vac, compressor, and their associated tools. There are no drawings for this project (a decision I will rue), I just have some general ideas, and sketches in my notebook. So we’ll see how it goes as the work progresses.

Because we have so much stuff stored in here, I’m going to have to work around things. To manage that I intend to build the shop vac and compressor storage first, so I can move the compressor, and the new top-shelf over the garage back door should hold a lot of the other things that were piled behind me as I took this picture.

The goal is to free up shelf space elsewhere in the garage so that it’s not as cluttered, so I can get at tools without moving or knocking things over. We want to remove obstacles that get in the way when getting in and out of the minivan (yes a minivan fits in here), and also make the area easier to keep clean, hopefully making it a less inviting home to the local spider population, especially the brown recluse spiders we’ve recently spotted.

Stage IV? I’ve just realized I’ve not written about stages I – III, so that’s something I’ll have to catch up on. For now, here’s a list.

Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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