July 7, 2019.For the Conspiracy Theorists

For the Conspiracy Theorists

I recently showed Ginger the Tony Christie ‘Walk like a panther’ video on YouTube. It’s a great video (and song) that makes me smile every time I hear it played. It follows in the long tradition of Brit’s producing chart-topping (#10 in this case) satirical music that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Being who I am, I like my own version of the lyrics: ‘Walk Like a Panda’.

Anyway, a few days later it turned up on my suggested listening list on Spotify … cue the ‘Twilight Zone’ music. However, I prefer the 1979 Manhatten Transfer’s take on the ‘Twilight Zone’ signature theme.

You can read about the song on Wikipedia.

While I’m here…

I was reminded of ‘The Baron Knights’ who made satirical covers of popular songs back in the sixties. I mention them because said Baron of the name was the older sibling of a brother and sister I went to school with. You may touch my hem.   


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