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Christmas Carols & Songs

It was that period after Christmas lunch when any sensible person (that would be me) settles down for a quiet snooze while the younger kids run around having fun. Then someone suggested singing Christmas carols and songs.

I was sitting enjoying the wonderful impromptu Christmas concert (I was not going to ruin it by attempting to take part) when somewhat late, I thought to turn my camera on to record it. So, there’s no record of the two renditions of ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ (the second version just for me — thank you Lanie) and several other old favorites too, but there is a couple of minutes of Christmas cheer. Enjoy.

By the way, there is no video as I didn’t want to put everyone off by pointing a camera at them, so I’ve added some Christmassy stills.

Thank you for the wonderful post-lunch entertainment, Betsy, Carol, Ginger, Jim, Lanie, and Susan.

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