Jan 06, 2019Buck Hollow

Buck Hollow – Table Rock Lake, Piney Creek Wilderness. Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

A closer view of Buck Hollow (to the right, on the opposite side of the lake).

Later in the morning the peace and quiet was shattered when a (presumably) young black bear came crashing through the brush, splashed across Buck Hollow, smashed its way through the underbrush and then swam breathing heavily across to my side of the lake — which had me up and paying attention — 10 minutes or so later the reason for the bear’s flight became obvious when the first of the hounds arrived. In total there were half a dozen hounds and no one to rein them in. It was around an hour later that the hound’s owners turned up on horseback. And for nigh on two hours, I had to put up with the hound’s endless baying.

The bear’s strategy of crossing the lake was good. The first hound on the scene was close enough for the scent to still be on the water and it worked out where the bear had gone, but it gave up partway through crossing the lake. It was well over an hour later that one hound managed to find a way across the lake and pick up the scent. The bear was long gone by then.

Not the relaxing morning I was looking for.

Where I come from they don’t let the hounds run loose unsupervised for an extended time like that. I’m not impressed. I doubt they even knew what the hounds were chasing and were lucky it was a young timid bear. Timid it might have been, but I’m pretty sure if the hounds had managed to corner it there’d be some dead hounds.   

Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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