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Sleeping Tubblet & I’ve Been Busy

Photograph of a sleeping burmese cat
Tubblet, Tubby, Rotters, whatevs – Keeping warm

Our poor little tropical Burmese hates winter and takes any opportunity to find somewhere warm to sleep. For example: on the heat vent in my office.

It should be noted that Tubby goes by many names, as do all the cats: Tubby, Rotters, Rot-row, Rotty, Pokey-paws, Irritant, this list goes on …


I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks so no new posts and hardly any back-filling of old posts. I have been able to find some downtime to watch hiking and backpacking videos on YouTube. Hopefully, it’ll help spur me into some outdoors action. I have a new backpack and my camera carry clip, so I’m running out of excuses not to go. This weekend I have a lot of work to catch up on (and it’s going to be cold and miserable). If I get my work done maybe I can take a break sometime next week.

What should it be, a hike or a trip down the range?

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