Feb 11, 2018Late Night Movie Tri-Puss

Late Night Movie Tri-Puss

This is what we call a ‘Tri-Puss’

I was going to read a book, but instead I watched a movie.

I didn’t notice these three sneaking in, but when I paused the movie to replenish my refreshments, there they were in the co-pilot’s seat — we’re flying a helicopter (Google it).

This cat configuration is what we call a ‘Tri-Puss’. It is a fairly rare occurrence as Tubby annoys Sprinky and Blue Kitteh as much as he often irritates us. He can be a demanding little fellow at the best of times, but on the plus side, he’s also very lovable too.

Yes, that is camo on the arm of the sofa, and the movie? Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

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