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IKEA Tetris

IKEA Tetris. Copyright © 2018 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

We are childless!

The last kid flew the coop a couple of weeks ago, and ever since we’ve been busy making the house more ‘adult-friendly’. Doing so apparently works like a stack of falling dominoes, with one thing leading to another. Ginger installed a new floor into what was to become her office and decreed that the couch in my office was to return whence it came, to the ‘Sparkle Zone’ — her old office. Which left us needing a couch for Ginger’s new office, and a replacement couch for my office. I wanted a sofa bed, as we’ve been slowly removing all the sleeping options for guests by converting three of the bedrooms into studio/office spaces.

A trip to IKEA was called for. Which wouldn’t be a problem if the nearest IKEA wasn’t over 160 miles away in Kansas City.

Midday Monday, we were checking out the items we’d selected online. Selecting my IKEA goodies took me a long time — because, choices, choices. Then we had to work out how to fit everything into the van. It took a couple of attempts trying different options before we found one that squeezed everything in.

Once home (four hours later because trying to get out of Kansas City at five p.m. isn’t such a good idea) Ginger quickly assembled her sofa. I left my more challenging sofa bed to the next day — a good decision as it took a couple of hours for me to put it together and assembling the beast was the easy bit. Before I could do that I had the much harder job of emptying a couple of bookcases to make space for the new couch, and then work out where to put all the newly homeless stuff.

You may wonder why there’s no picture of Ginger’s new office. Well, while we were standing in the IKEA ‘warehouse’ measuring boxes and trying to work out if we could fit both sofas in the van, we somehow forgot to add the covers to the (huge) pile of goodies we were purchasing. A cover has been ordered online but it has failed to arrive. It must be said that IKEA’s online ordering and fulfillment system totally sucks. The cover was supposed to be delivered in two days but hadn’t been despatched on the day it was supposed to arrive. Not good.

The ammo box? Mao (aka Blue Kitty), is 16 now and having trouble walking and climbing, so it’s her step up onto the sofa. Plus, with all the re-arranging I’ve got nowhere else to keep this box. Not that Mao was first to check the sofa out, Sprinky — as can be seen in the picture — was the first to give it a try.   

Copyright © 2018 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.