Apr 10, 2018Glades and Knobs

Glades and Knobs

Glades and Knobs. Copyright © 2018 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

You cannot be a Brit (well this Brit anyway) and not occasionally snigger at the local term for a pointy hill — ‘knob’. The word instantly translates into a derogatory anatomical term in my mind. A derogatory term that to this day remains popular with both my sons. With nomenclature like this it’s not surprising Benny Hill was (is?) popular in the Ozarks.

Hercules Glades and the surrounding area is well endowed with knobs, including to the east of the State, the even more hilariously named Knob Lick. No, I did not make that up — I’ll see if I can find a picture (I did, see below). I’m pretty sure I’ve driven past a ‘Knob View’ at some point.

Anyway, after that unplanned digression — sometimes my posts develop a life of their own — the area abounds with knobs, ridges, and glades. Here are few more pictures from my trip.

And just when you thought you were safe from British schoolboy humor…

Knob Lick

Copyright © 2018 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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