Black and white photograph of the altar at St. John's Episcopal Church, Springfield, Missouri

Altar – St. John’s Episcopal Church, Springfield, Missouri

Southern Area Confirmation Service at St. John’s

I’ve been working flat-out times two on business and diocesan stuff the past couple of weeks. I almost let today’s service slip by me. Fortunately, a calendar check on Friday put me right.

This was the first time I’ve put my new 18mm lens to work — and it is great, I’m loving the results I’ve seen so far.

To get today’s pictures I donned camo, in the form of a cassock. For good photographs of the confirmations I need to be right up front, in with the choir – hence the cassock. Except … there was no choir. I was not as inconspicuous as I’d hoped. As a consequence, I didn’t take more than a couple of cell phone pictures for sending live to Facebook/Instagram.

These are a few personal edits from the pictures I took at (and after) the service.

Inside St. John's Episcopal Church, Springfield Missouri

Before the Service

Altar – St. John’s Episcopal Church, Springfield, Missouri

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