Oct 14, 2017Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

Every few weeks I treat my A6 Bujo cover and desk pad to a bit of leather TLC.

I love the smell of leather. I also have a passion for fountain pens. The recent upsurge in handwritten journals, and the research that suggests that writing helps cement memories has been pleasing to me.

Every few weeks I ‘feed’ and polish my leather journal cover and desk writing pad. It’s a very satisfying task. An interesting thing I’m finding with the desk pad is that I have a memory associated with many of the marks left on it. I know exactly what caused a lot of them, even though I didn’t notice the marks being made at the time.

I have a suspicion that like myself, many rangefinder-style camera users also harbor an affinity for leather journals and fountain pens.

Photograph of a leather Journal and Desk pad after cleaning with leather oil

Desk pictures: Hiking the Silver Trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area | Ironed out | Gary and Lanie tending the campfire

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