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My Weekend – Forty Feet of Shelving

Wooden shelves with hidden supports

I have my office, Ginger has her studio and my former office space. The office space has been due for remodeling for a long time. My first job has been to install forty feet of shelving to provide a home for most of Ginger’s blue glass. Ginger didn’t want a back on the shelves, and the best idea I could come up with to hide the shelf supports on such a long run was to bury them in the wall. So that’s what I’ve done. Now I’ve got to finish patching the wall ready for the room to be painted. The shelves aren’t finished yet either. l have to sand them down, make and fit hidden shelf end supports, and then paint everything.

Oh, and I’d better remember to patch that huge hole in the wall (The cardboard is to stop inquisitive felines getting under the house).   

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