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Forty Feet of Blue

Photograph of a blue glass collection
 Ginger’s Blue Glass Collection

Today Ginger filled her new office shelves with her blue glass collection.

The office remodel project is around 80% finished, though we still have half the walls to be painted. This side is complete and we can move stuff over into this half and paint the remainder.

Getting this far took far longer than expected – there was a lot more filling, patching, sanding, and coats of paint than anticipated, but the result is worth it.

All the shelf supports are plastered into the wall, and each shelf could take my weight and more. Preparing the wood we used for the shelves was the biggest unexpected time-consumer. I was going to use prepared wood, but we couldn’t find any of good enough quality the size we wanted. That meant using construction lumber and a lot of sanding and preparation.

I think my drywall patching skills are improving, you really cannot see where we cut out the drywall to fix in the shelf supports and the 24″ x 18″ hole in the wall has disappeared. Magic!

And this is what it looked like after we had started work:

Wooden shelves with hidden supports

Now the blue glass has been moved from where it was being stored in the garage, my next task is to tackle the garage’s disorganized storage area (or phase IV of the garage remodel, as it might be called. I finished phase III in June 2010, so that’s long overdue too!).

I’m slowly crossing off jobs to be done so I can get to the one I want done, which is to remodel my office.   

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