Jun 05, 2017Function vs Form

Photograph of  a Ronson, Zippo and Bic Lighter
This is one of those odd conundrums that often troubles me. When form and function meet and reinforce each other, I don’t have a problem. Examples of this are my current camera, my Swiss Navy knife, and dare I say it, my Beretta.

When form and function diverge and do not reinforce each other I have big issues choosing between a product with elegant aesthetic design and its functionality. In some cases the tension this causes for me is tangible and on-going. Software-wise Lightroom is a great example. It is excellent, but in practice the raw convertor for my camera sucks in certain circumstances and the lack of spell checking for tags and meta-data drives me nuts and wastes hours of time. So, I’m constantly looking for an excuse to change to another tool.

The lighters above are another excellent example of this tension between aesthetic design and functionality.


It just works and keeps working until it runs out of fuel. It is inexpensive, you can instantly see how much fuel it has, and it’ll still work after days immersed in water (I know, I’ve done it). These lighters work so well that every emergency kit we have (and we have several) includes at least one.

It does have problems and limitations though. Any wind will blow it out and it is disposable. From an aesthetic design standpoint it looks awful, and feels what it is – cheap.


This lighter has a fierce flame that’ll keep going in almost any wind, it is refillable, and it lights every time. It uses a Piezo igniter which shouldn’t wear out quickly – though how water resistant it is, I’ve yet to find out.

The Ronson has several problems, but my issues with it are mainly aesthetic. There is no way to check how much fuel it has, the case is made out of some horrid, cheap metal, it is heavy, has an odd unsatisfying shape, and it looks awful, especially as the surface coating wears off.


This lighter is light and a joy to hold, use and look at. It wears well, after many years of use mine still looks quite new. And finally, it makes a most satisfying noise when you open and close it.

The Zippo has many problems though. It is supposed to be windproof, and it is, but only up to a point, you cannot tell how much fuel it has, and the fuel evaporates quite quickly if the lighter isn’t used. It cannot be used on its side (a requirement for lighting a campfire), and will not light at all if wet.

Logically the Ronson or the Bic should be my EDC (EveryDay Carry). However, I’ve never carried the Bic except in my emergency kits. I love the Zippo and want it to be my EDC lighter, so I’ve either kept re-filling the Zippo, wasting fuel as it evaporates, or I carry the ugly, but serviceable Ronson, which I dislike.

So, Stylish Design or Functionality?

That’s still a hard question. It’s a matter of degree. I’ll happily go without some functionality, or put up with some poor functionality if the core functions do what I want. In which case I’d rather have the good visual / tactile design. It all depends on the weightings/reliance/expectations/importance I place the functionalities that are absent or suck.

Photograph of a Ronson, Zippo and Bic Lighter

Update – Good News

After writing this, I decided to repeat a search I did a couple of years ago – searching for butane inserts for Zippo lighters. Great news: now there are several inserts to choose from. It looks like when the original manufacturer fails to improve or fix a fault in their otherwise brilliant design, someone else will step into the breech to do so. It is great. The new insert makes the Zippo lighter just as good, functionally, as the Bic and Ronson with the great Zippo look and “click”. It’s a winner.

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