Feb 11, 2017Etched / Embossed Rock on the Busiek Yellow Trail

Etched / Embossed Rock on the Busiek Yellow Trail

Lanie spotted this on the trail, and a fair bit of Googling hasn’t come up with a formal name for this, or an explanation of how it forms. Pretty cool though.

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2 thoughts on “Etched / Embossed Rock on the Busiek Yellow Trail”

  1. Gary, is it not fossilised ripples? I’ve seen rocks like this around here with ripples in from ancient water bodies.
    In fact we have one of the oldest fossilised tracks from an amphibian on the coast near here about 350 million years old I think, and I think that there are ripples on the rocks near it.

    1. Good point and it could be. However, I’m not convinced it looks like ripples – too irregular. I might have to go back and try and find the darned rock! 🙂


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