Jul 08, 2017Chihuly – In the Gallery + In the Forest

Chihuly – In the Gallery + In the Forest


Friday Ginger asked if I fancied going to Crystal Bridges with Carol & Jim Saturday. I said yes, glad to know I was delaying work on an item on my ‘honey-do’ list – building a new crawl space fan housing.

We’ve been meaning to go to Crystal Bridges for ages, but it’s never happened. We were both very impressed. Me, with both the art and the architecture. Now we’re looking to go again, but hopefully on a less busy day. According to the staff we went on an attendance record-breaking day. This was a bonus in some ways – the restaurant would not have looked as good if it had been empty, but it also meant that there were a lot of people to get in the way of pictures. I decided to go with the flow and make the people a part of my photographs.

And of course, there was a Chihuly Exhibition and this post features all the pictures I took of the Chihuly exhibits.

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