Supermoon – Nice Beaver (Moon)

Photograph of the November 13, 2016 Supermoon.
This came out a lot better than I expected and deserved. I might even be prompted to make a second attempt.

This Supermoon for some reason (unknown and not researched by me) is also known as a Beaver Moon. I took the picture solely for the boyish delight of being able to say “Nice Beaver.”

I don’t have a big telephoto lens, so I just used my 135mm lens to see what, if anything, I could capture. I didn’t bother focusing – I let the camera do its thing. However, I did set the exposure. The inset shows the original frame.

If I were to try again, I’d go for manual focusing and a range of f-stops to try and catch the lens’s sweet spot.

Of course, If I really wanted good pictures of the Moon, I’d buy a longer lens, or a telescope.

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