Feb 28, 2016Day Hike at Busiek

Abandoned Panel Van at Busiek
Abandoned Panel Van at Busiek
The weather this weekend has been wonderful (especially considering it is still February). However, we’ve not had a chance to get away backpacking as we had commitments in town on Saturday. Today we went on a short hike at Busiek, hiking a little over three miles with around 700ft of elevation climbed. Remaining true to our recent experiences, we managed to miss the trail and wander around a bit. We took off along a little used trail that finally petered out, which meant we had to backtrack.

Part of today’s exercise was to try out a hammock before going backpacking. I discovered that finding a camping place for a hammock is just as hard as finding one for a tent. D’oh! I was hoping that it was going to be a lot easier.

the 'Falls Trail' at Busiek
the ‘Falls Trail’ at Busiek

The 'Van Trail' at Busiek
The ‘Van Trail’ at Busiek

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