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Big Fish – Saturday Matinee Performance

Big Fish - Glendale High School

Another great performance, and this time we were joined by Ginger’s parents, and Susan, Dennis, Matt, and Betsy.

This was the first time the Fuji has malfunctioned. Partly user error, partly something I’ve not got to the bottom of. My error was replacing the SD Card with an 8GB slow card. I have no idea why. It should have a 16GB or 32GB fast card. Once the buffer was full the camera shut down until it cleared – leaving several seconds when I couldn’t take pictures. I was running the camera in ‘stealth’ mode again. With the Liquid Crystal Display and the manual shutter turned off; rendering it invisible and silent. Twice during the performance, the back screen came on – showing what looked like a firmware update request. I was too busy watching the show and taking pictures to pay it any attention. Changing the SD card seemed to fix the lock-out problem, that is to say, I’ve not been able to reproduce it – or the firmware notice.

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