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Altar at Christ Episcopal Church Springfield, Missouri

Altar. Copyright © 2016 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

I took some time out today to take a few pictures at Christ Church.

I wanted to check out the new camera in the church before I’m there taking pictures ‘officially’. I was fairly pleased with a couple of the pictures.

I turned off all the lights except the altar spotlights in the chancel. They created this wonderful vignette effect. I need to try this again when it is darker outside. I’d like to get rid of the slight highlights from the windows in the nave.

One day I’ll find out why the Gospel is always on, what I’d consider to be, the wrong side of the altar.

It made a nice change for me to be taking pictures in the church just for myself rather than for some official diocesan or church event.   

Copyright © 2016 Gary Allman, all rights reserved. For The Diocese of West Missouri