Jun 06, 2014Lanie gets to ride in a double-decker bus…

Lanie gets to ride in a double-decker bus… Copyright © 2014 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Vacation Day 3 – A walk along the seafront

I was expecting too much to think we’d be able to get to the D-Day memorial in time for the remembrance service. Too much traveling and a six-hour time-zone change slowed us down significantly.

We caught the train into Fratton and walked down to the seafront. First stop, a visit to Southsea castle. Then we visited the very busy D-Day museum. As you’d expect being present on the seventieth anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, the museum was full. There were visitors, families of veterans, and a few veterans, some of whom looked to be deeply wrapped in their own thoughts. I was horrified to catch Lanie performing a Nazi salute, and some immediate parenting was required. Once Lanie had been obliged to carefully read some of the displays she had a better understanding of the sacrifices made by those involved.

My plan, duly executed, was to walk along the seafront to the Harbour Station and catch the train back to Havant from there. At Clarence Pier, Lanie could not resist getting into this double-decker bus.

And that would have been that for the day – except walking along the seafront between Clarence Pier and Old Portsmouth we bumped into my niece – Emily. That was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Copyright © 2014 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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