First leg complete, now to hop across ‘the pond’

Dallas Fort Worth (Day 1)

Vacation Days 1 & 2 – Springfield to Havant

Our trans-Atlantic transport at Dallas Forth Worth Airport. Rebbie gave us a lift to Springfield regional airport, and this time I managed to board the plane without breaking my camera. I did (as usual) have trouble getting through security. It seems they don’t get many DSLRs. I had to show them that my laptop worked, and then they unpacked my bag to inspect my camera. I picked our route to travel out via Dallas Fort Worth (one of my favorite airports) and return via O’Hare (one of my least favorites), on the grounds that Dallas generally has better weather and is less likely to suffer delays.

This was Lanie’s first international flight. She’s flown internal flights already – unaccompanied too, which impressed me. I’m not sure she was prepared for just how boring long haul flights are though.

The flight was uneventful and I managed to get a whole bunch of work done – which is good as I’ve the June Edition of the Diocese’s ‘Spirit’ Magazine to get finished, printed and mailed out while I’m away, thank goodness for the Internet!

Just before we left I realized we’d messed up the timing of our flight as we missed a chance to see the Red Arrows perform a display over Southsea seafront the afternoon we arrived. The Red Arrows are always great to watch from the seafront as they seem to fly a lot lower over the sea. We should have booked our flight for one day earlier. Oh well.

My brother was waiting for us in the arrivals hall and took us home to Havant. In the evening Lanie disappeared off to look at horses with Ashlyn, Nathaniel and Marcelle, and we joined them later.

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