Nov 08, 2014The 125th Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri

The 125th Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri

Walker and Gary working the AV booth at Convention – Photograph by Gary Zumwalt

This was my first annual convention as Director of Communications with the diocese.

I decided to relinquish my camera to be available to help wherever I was needed. That meant I got to roll up my sleeves and help out in the AV Booth. Most of the AV equipment and controls looked vaguely familiar due to the amount of time I spent in recording and edit studios back in the eighties and nineties.

My friend Gary (whom I met at last year’s convention) and the Bishop’s wife, Donna volunteered to help out by taking pictures. In the three days I spent at convention I took just 4 pictures, and I rather enjoyed not taking pictures.

It was three tiring and busy days. We were still receiving changes to the slides for the presentations minutes before we went live. It was all great fun, and I came away feeling energized.

Lanie was also busy – she and a friend MC’d the evening event.

Bishop Marty, Hanna and Lanie on stage at the evening’s awards event

I asked Gary to suggest a cover picture for the Spirit Magazine. This was his idea…

Gary suggested I use this as the cover photograph for the Spirit magazine. He also suggested the caption - "Dear Lord, don't let anything screw up!"
“Dear Lord, don’t let anything screw up!” – Photograph by Gary Zumwalt

I had great fun organizing the clergy group photograph. It’s rarely I get a chance to order around four bishops and an assembly of clergy. Front and center, holding the cross, is my sailing friend Cap’n John. I dreamed up this shot when we visited the convention hotel back in September. The best bit was I didn’t have to climb the ladder to take the picture. I’m glad it came out as I imagined and I’m also glad the stairs and balcony were up to the task. I did stop and think about it for a moment.

Clergy at the 125th Convention of the Diocese of West Missouri – photograph by Gary Zumwalt

Here are some more pictures of myself and Walker manning the AV booth.

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