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Weekend Backpacking at Hercules Glades

View from the bluff above Beaver Creek
View from the bluff above Beaver Creek

The schools in Springfield were closed on Friday, so we took advantage of the long weekend to go on our first backpacking trip since last September. A couple of things influenced our choice of where to go. First Lanie was staying with the Grandparents. Second we are both very out of condition. We wanted to be able to take things easy, but also see some new sights. There’s a set of bluffs on the western side of Hercules Glades that we’d found on the maps and explored a little on Google Earth. This was a great opportunity to go and have a look.

We left home on time to meet up with Ginger’s parents at Ava at 11:30am. Jim treated us to lunch at the Subway at Ava, and then off we went. Shortly after 2pm. we were on the trail.

You can read my write up of our trip on Ozarks Walkabout. The highlight of the trip was spending Saturday afternoon resting and enjoying the spring sunshine on top of a 260 ft. bluff overlooking Beaver Creek. In total over the three days we only hiked 10 miles and climbed 1500 feet.

We got back to the trailhead around 1:30pm on Sunday and then went to Ginger’s parents for a family afternoon and dinner.

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