Thanksgiving Dinner at Christ Church

What a great turn-out!
What a great turn-out!

Every year Christ Church offers a free Thanksgiving Dinner, and the last couple of years we’ve timed it to coincide with an event for Springfield’s homeless population. Last year the turn out was impressive, though we didn’t have a proper count. This year we served up over three hundred meals and handed out one-hundred and twenty-five take-home boxes. And we had enough left over to send food to St. Matthew’s church in Ozark to help with their Thanksgiving Dinner. It’s fantastic that we were able to get the donated food and money to do this. Not to mention all the time and effort people put in making dishes for the meal, helping to serve it and then clear away.

Last year I was on gravy and dishes duty. This year I did whatever was needed, from opening cans of cranberry sauce, moving dishes, drying dishes and keeping out of the way. We closed the doors at eight, and I stayed until after nine, but there were still people helping clear away. All in all it was a great evening and we even got a spot on the local news. Look carefully and you’ll see me twice, not to mention the placemats that were very nearly a disaster! 🙂

So where were Ginger and Lanie? Well, Lanie had a callback for a role in the Music Man (junior) at Springfield Little Theater, so they couldn’t be there until after she’d done her turn. And the good news is she got herself another part. Well done Lanie!   

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