Diet – steak, egg and veggies for breakfast

Breakfast meal - steak, mushrooms, vegitables topped off with an egg, sunny side up.
Today’s hearty breakfast – Egg Steak and veggies – very good.

I’ve been spending far too much time at my desk and not enough time out and about. The lack of exercise has taken it toll, and it’s time to start doing something; reduce my weight and get more exercise.

We eat very healthily anyway – very little processed food, lots of salad and vegetables, I just probably eat too much of all that good stuff. Ginger found a Paleo Diet, with pre-prepared menus – which is a great bonus. It’s a sort of Atkins meets New Age diet. Lots of protein and very little carbs. there’s a very regular pattern of meals with tasty snacks. Lots of unusual stuff too.

The great news is that bacon is on the menu! Any diet and menu plan that sets me up with bacon and eggs for breakfast gets my vote. Today’s breakfast was steak, and veggies, all topped off with an egg – sunny side up.

We’re hoping this diet will work for us, as it looks really good. Time will tell. Thus far the food’s been very good, though I’ve been left feeling quite hungry – even with the four planned meals a day. However, if I’m overweight that’s a price I’m going to have to pay as I transition to a slimmer me.

Now I’ve just got to get out and exercise too.