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Backpacking in Hercules Glades Wilderness

Teenage Girl crossing Long Creek at Hercules Glades - www.ozarkswalkabout.com
Lanie Crossing Long Creek, Hercules Glades Wilderness

Taking advantage of a long weekend, we took Lanie with us on a three-day backpacking trip to Hercules Glades. Our plan was to map some of the western trails with the GPS, try to find the Spring we think Rock Spring Trail is named after, and show Lanie the falls.

We had a great time and did manage to find the spring! Though the falls were dry, so no playing in the water. You can read more about our trip over on Ozarks Walkabout: Trip report: Backpacking in Hercules Glades – September 2012 | Ozarks Walkabout   

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