Sep 17, 2011Trying to get out of the parking lot on the way home from the symphony (365:260)


It took nearly an hour to complete a ten minute journey.

I spent the day doing ‘webby’ things and ending up ultimately disappointed once more in the quality of software – this time bought. Sigh. This should be simple.

Ginger took Lanie down to church to help with the ‘Cider Days’ parking lot fundraiser, and Katie clothes shopping in a hunt for some classic clothes in the downtown flea markets. The fundraiser got washed out, but the shopping trip was a success, and I was treated to an impromptu fashion show when they got back.

John and Marsha are on vacation and very kindly gave us their tickets to this evening’s symphony concert, so we had a Beethoven treat night. I had planned on taking today’s picture either just outside or inside the auditorium, but the light was horrid inside and it was frightfully busy outside.

After the concert we got stuck in traffic trying to exit the parking lot – apparently a rodeo just down the road had finished at the same time, so we spent 50 minutes just sitting in line. I decided to take a safety shot while we were waiting.

We were a bit concerned about our back tyre which currently has a number plate screw, complete with washer, buried in it. It’s been raining heavily all day, and I didn’t fancy changing a tyre in the wet, so we left it in place. It can stay there, probably until after the school run Monday morning if I can get away with it.

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