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Trunk or Treat (365:303)


This evening we went to the Church Hallowed Carnival

Lanie wanted to take part in the ‘Trunk or Treat’. After a lot of head-scratching, we came up with the idea of making the back of the van into an ambulance with Lanie as the patient, tended to by Katie as Nurse D’eath. We even managed to find a hospital IV bag hanger for $1 in the Habitat for Humanity Restore Center.

I forgot to mention that we won the best-decorated trunk award!

I took today’s picture while I was handing out candy. We’ll pass over how I frightened one kid by making them think the candy finger they’d picked out of the box of human body parts was really my finger. Oh, how I laughed … later. 🙂

Lanie the victim at the Trunk or Treat
Nurse Katie D'eath, box of body parts in hand, tends Lanie the Victim

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