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Repairing a kitchen drawer

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman using a nail gun to rpair a kitchen drawer.
Repairing the kitchen drawer

Today I repaired a kitchen drawer and in the process learned two valuable safety lessons.

I used my nail gun to fix in a support for the drawer base. I unloaded the two-inch brad nails I had been using, loaded half inch nails, ran a couple of test shots and then nailed the support from the back. Unfortunately, there was one two-inch nail ‘in the pipe’ and it came straight through the front of the drawer slicing my finger. Firstly I should have triple checked all the two-inch nails had been removed, and secondly, my hand shouldn’t have been near the workpiece. I could have easily nailed my finger bone to the front of the drawer. I made absolutely sure there were no nails left in the gun when I put it away.   

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