Morning rituals (365:042)

Morning rituals by Gary Allman
Morning rituals. Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

I think we need a bigger bed.

Weekdays, after the school run we often enjoy our morning coffee in bed. We’ll chat about plans for the day, or further ahead, discuss our projects, shopping, the kids or whatever things are going on. This morning we were discussing some of the things I learned in last night’s class. It seems that every week I come away with a nugget of inspiration in addition to the things I’ve learned. Good stuff. And sometimes, not often we’ll have our cereal in bed too. 

Getzger has his morning rituals too. As soon as the cereal is ready, he positions himself in a conspicuous spot and makes his presence felt. He knows I leave a little milk in the bottom of my bowl for him to lap up when I’m finished. The poor chap has trouble with his bones and joints, and a little bit of extra calcium will do him good. Well, that’s my excuse for encouraging him.

As we had our cereal in bed this morning Getzger sat and watched my every move. Sometimes, just for the fun of it, I make a big fuss over emptying my bowl with lots of slurping and muttering. That really gets him going.

The kittehs

I’m sure they are going to appear in a lot of these pictures so here’s a little introduction to our cats, in order from the camera.

Getzger (Abyssinian), aka Mr. Cat, MC, Getzger Cat, Geggers, Geggie, PLG as in ‘Peg Leg Geg’ and as part of a family cat intelligence (contradiction in terms there I know) experiment was also briefly known as Meowkovich-Meowcovich. When not sleeping, on patrol checking for squirrels, or inspecting the kitchen faucet,  Getzger will have his head stuck in the food bowl.

Sprinky (Maine Coon), aka Sprinkles. Sprinky often replaces Lanie at the dinner table and is entranced by music, whistling, and singing.

Tubby (Burmese), aka Tubmiester, Rotro, Rotters, imbecile, and Irritant. Tubby’s ambition is to own an Uzi and get his own back on his captors and torturers.

Blue Kitteh (Maine Coon), aka Madame Bleu, Mao, and Floofy pants. Madame is far too aloof to join in the fun with the other cats, but is prone to hilarious attacks of the ‘cat Crazzies’. She deeply dislikes ‘Cat Dancing’.

Today’s out takes & extras

Apparently it is unusual to catch a cat yawning
Coffee, Sprinky, Getzger and Tubby
This is why Ginger complains I take up too much of the bed.

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.