May 08, 2011Lighting test (365:128)


One word adequately summarises my day – Meh.

Church in the morning, where Lanie and other kids received recognition for their service. In Lanie’s case a silver cross for five years in the choir and a certificate of thanks for her work as an Acolyte.

After church I went home and worked for a while; some web development for a customer, and I gave myself an update of the UK’s VAT rules which have changed significantly, with knock-on effects to online purchase processing. It looks like I’ll have to brush up on my php scripting too.

Tomorrow I have a family photoshoot to do, so I set up the lighting & backdrop rig in advance and ran a few test shots – today’s picture numbers among those. We tried to get a picture of the shorn Blue Kitty, but unlike Getzger who was very obliging and sat fairly still, Madame kept running around. I managed to salvage one very poor picture.

Today’s extras

Lanie collects her silver cross at church
Lanie waiting to collect her silver cross at church. I needed that 70mm - 200mm F2.8 lens for these pictures. Shame I didn't have it.
Lanie collects her silver cross at church
Lanie collects her silver cross at church
The husk of Blue Kitty
The husk of Blue Kitty. One of the wags around here neatly arranged Blue Kitty's excess fur into a cat skin rug.
Blue Kitty - the  lion cut
Terrible picture, but the only one that was usable. I did point out that a lion's mane extends back to the animal's shoulders, but my input was vetoed.
Mr. Getzger Cat
Mr. Getzger Cat. Note the bug in the background. It was used to entice Mr. Cat into shooting range.
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    1. Saddle bag is much kinder than the terms I’ve been using. It really can’t be seen to good effect in this picture.

      Let’s just say the dogs in the neighbourhood are jealous.