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Late at night sitting on my brother’s kitchen floor (365:191)

Late at night sitting on my brother’s kitchen floor (365:191). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

UK June 2011 – Day 26. 

Last week we were Scottish Episcopalians, this week we reverted to CofE, and made a final visit to St Margaret’s. Where (if you’ve been paying attention) I was Christened, as were my two sons, and my brother. I and my brother got married there, and both my parents’ funerals were held there.

The service was sparsely attended, we stayed afterward for coffee, which we had in the Church as the parish hall was being used for a function of some sort.

Two weeks later back in Christ Episcopal Church in Springfield, I felt very uneasy about the full church and how well supported it is. I read that the (below target) weekly contribution for the previous week had been over $13,000 that’s about £8,000 at current exchange rates. At St Margaret’s the vicar stood in the pulpit relating the reduced income of the previous week’s jumble sale of £700.00. One wonders what he or the people at St Maelrubha’s in Poolewe would do with a fraction of that £8,000 per year let alone per week.

After church, we spent the afternoon and evening with my friends Roy and Jan, their daughters and families. Dee is my Goddaughter, and I’m honorary Godfather to Lynn who asserts (to me anyway) that she should be my Goddaughter. The amusing thing is that I wasn’t her Godfather because Roy and Jan thought my (first) marriage wouldn’t last, well that’s what they told me sometime later. Ha! I must have got ’em fooled by the time Dee came along then. We had a great time catching up and were treated to a nice dinner out. But much more importantly Jan produced real homemade mince pies for us. Mince pies in July. Wonderful.

I should have taken some pictures, but the photographic lethargy that’s afflicted me on this trip struck again, and I took none. At the end of the day, I just sat on my brother’s kitchen floor (why not) and took today’s picture. After nearly a month away from home my beard’s looking in desperate need of a trim – that’s only a few more days away.   

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Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.