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Gary and Ginger on the beach at Hunstanton (365:190)

Gary and Ginger on the beach at Hunstanton (365:190). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

UK June 2011 – Day 25. Back to Portsmouth today.

We indulged in a full English breakfast to keep us going through another long day’s driving. Between slices of toast we chatted with the owner of the B&B, who did sound Spanish, but was originally from Honduras which he’d left over thirty years ago. He’d worked on cruise ships, lived in Florida and finally moved to the UK with his first wife and settled in Hunstanton. Seems like a long way to travel and an odd place to settle. I can talk, moving from Portsmouth to Springfield!

Before departing for Portsmouth we took a walk North along the beach and cliffs. The weather had improved but unfortunately the sun was on the wrong side of the cliffs for good pictures. We couldn’t stay all day so I had to make do with the cliffs in shadow. The tide was coming in and there were lots big kites, kitesurfers and people getting ready for a day on the beach. Despite the problems getting a meal last night and the fact that the southern end of the promenade seems to be aspiring to become a mini Blackpool I still like Hunstanton. Old Hunstanton to the North of the cliffs has a much nicer beach and was much more refined.

The drive back to Portsmouth went without incident. We’re now back for the final few days with the family before returning to the US. I need to extend the hire car period by a day – for some reason I thought we were going back on Thursday. Turns out we leave Friday. The good thing about that is that we have time to fit in a family curry before we go.

Today’s alternate shots & extras

In case of Emergency
Cliffs at Old Hunstanton
Kite flying on Old Hunstanton Beach
Old Hunstanton
Being nauseating on Hunstanton Beach
The beach and cliffs at Hunstanton
Gary attempts to type with a cat perched on his arm

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.