Feb 13, 2011Gary and Ginger at the Church Annual Meeting (365:044)

Gary and Ginger at Christ Episcopal Church's Annual Meeting

We spent a lot of time at Church today

Our day can be summed up as Church, annual meeting, home, sleep, and an evening of choral music back at church. That was about four hours at church and three hours sleeping. 

Lunch was provided before the annual meeting, possibly as a reward / incentive to those attending. Though as these events go, the meeting was fine. I took today’s picture at the end of the proceedings, and my camera surprised me by actually focusing at one point, so the Nikon’s focusing fault has gone from permanent to intermittent.

Back home the wonderful 64°F (18°C) temperatures made me think of getting out in the snow-covered backyard, in my shorts and taking a picture of myself reclining in a sun lounger with a nice refreshing cocktail. Which just goes to show how quickly the 365 Days ‘let’s make a clever shot’ thinking can sneak up on you. Luckily I realised my mistake before I executed this plan, so I indulged in a three-hour snooze instead.

Our evening trip back to Church to hear the Springfield Chamber Chorus and The Dury Singers was well worth the effort. I love choral music and we were treated to a variety of wonderful examples.

One good thing about recording my day and not setting up artificial pictures: I won’t be wracking my brain for a clever Valentine’s Day shot tomorrow. Though I haven’t been beyond doing so in the past.

Today’s out takes & alternate shot

This is what happens when I'm not paying attention
Never work with children, animals or Ginger. If she's not pulling funny faces she's just as likely to flash me or the camera. Nice but it disrupts my creative flow (well dribble is more correct).
Gary and Ginger at Christ Episcopal Church's Annual Meeting
Oops, camera far too close and massive lens distortion even after adding some software correction
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