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Crossing Camp Creek (365:124)

Crossing a creek
Gary Crossing Camp Creek

Today we hiked the white and orange trails at Busiek, only this time we did them backward, starting with the Orange trail and then the White trail. This had the advantage of getting the most of the creek crossings out of the way on the way out instead of on our return. The hike started with an unexpected extra crossing because the bridge across the creek to the shooting range was washed out.

If was a bit cold at first, but the weather was glorious and now everything is starting to go green the colours were wonderful. The trail was very muddy in places, and I had great fun slopping through all the mud in my bare feet while Ginger struggled to keep her shoes dry. I took today’s picture while I was standing in Camp creek washing some of the mud off. We did the six odd miles of the two trails in plenty of time to pick up the big kids from school.

We had an early start at Church this evening. Ginger because she and Lanie are singing with some other mothers and daughters on Mother’s day, and myself for a meeting. Alek helped out in the kitchen. While the kids had youth group the parents spent their time chatting.

We finished the day with Gin and Tonics and the last of the Star Wars prequels – Revenge of the Sith. Thank goodness, now we can watch the good movies in the series.   

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