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Compressor coupling (365:117)

Compressor coupling (365:117). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Tyres do not stay inflated around here.

Whether that be bike or car tyres, we seem to be continually getting the compressor out and adding air (that originally read ‘we seems’ I’ve obviously been subconsciously influenced by that obnoxious Ja Jar Binks character in Phantom Menace). Yesterday topping up one of the van’s tyres was accompanied by a large amount of hissing; the compressor’s hose had split near to the compressor coupling. I was too busy with wedding pics to fix it yesterday, so today I thought I’d try to fix the hose before settling down for my weekly EFM studying. The fact that this gave me a photo opportunity that didn’t involve me studying had nothing whatsoever to do with this you understand.

So here I am trying to work out how to take the coupling off. If I had my eyes tested and got new glasses I probably wouldn’t need the magnifying glass, but I have better things to spend my pennies on like food, shelter, drink, gas (Mon Dieu the price of gas), hiking and backpacking gear etc. etc.

The rest of the day was spent studying. I’d two lessons to get through this week so it was quite a slog, though thankfully the lesson topics were much more interesting than some we’ve had over the past few weeks.

In September my Green Card expires. So we finished the day looking at pictures of us; mentally earmarking those we want to get printed to use as evidence to support my application for the removal of conditions and the issue of a new (ten year) Green Card. And to do that we have to prove that our wedding and relationship isn’t a sham organised just to get me into the country. It’s a shame the US Government doesn’t accept Flickr accounts as evidence. As it doesn’t we will have to call on friends to write affidavits for us, and there’s the possibility of an interview, plus they’ll be taking my biometrics again.

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.