Checking the tyres (365:021)

Checking the tires by Gary Allman
Checking the tyres (365:021). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Take that winter and be gone.

I decided to blow a raspberry at the wintry weather, to hell with it, and got Ginger to cut my hair. Then I removed all my excess face fuzz. I toyed briefly with posting a picture of my cut hair on the floor as today’s self-portrait but decided against it. It’s probably against the spirit of the rules for a self-portrait, though I guess I could have included my feet.

Beyond that my day can be summarized as: Interwebs, check the car tires, Walmart, take self portrait, shout at camera, school run and then re-take self portrait.

For some reason best known to itself, my camera took a batch of out-of-focus pictures on my first attempt at today’s picture. It’s not supposed to do that; in fact, I dislike the fact you can’t force it to take a picture if it decides it can’t focus. Some careful checks ruled out operator error, so running out of time, I went off on the school run and set the shot up again on our return.

In ten minutes I’m off to the gym (the second time this week – ‘Woot!’ I believe is the term often used in such circumstances today).

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.