Broken Nikon Lens Mount (365:132)

Broken Nikon Lens Mount (365:132)

The good news is that we are spared another ‘Gary studying for EFM’ picture this week. Further good news: when I set up for this picture I decided to show the Nikon’s jammed mirror. I couldn’t get the shutter to fire at first because the battery was too low. After swapping the battery I tried again, and the mirror worked. I can only guess that a bit of plastic from the broken-off lens mount (which can be clearly seen in this picture) had got caught in the mechanism and somehow I’ve dislodged it. I did a thorough check inside but couldn’t find anything.

My day wasn’t a brilliant success though. Earlier on I tried installing Linux on my Netbook. A misunderstanding on my part meant I put Linux on the wrong drive. In trying to format the drive and install the OS on the other drive something has gone wrong and the Linux refuses to install with an obscure error message. The Netbook is currently doing service as a rather large paperweight until I can figure the problem out.

I’m now looking over my shoulder for the third thing to go wrong.

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