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Goods and Chattels

Gary's stuff arrives from the UK
Goods and Chattels. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Today has been a day of unpacking.

After two and a half months of waiting for my stuff finally arrived. Twenty four boxes and one desk. Eleven of the boxes contained just books. The remainder held personal papers, clothes, my computer, CDs DVDs and my speakers.

The nice men that delivered everything, unpacked all the items except the books which will have to remain boxed until we have built the bookcases.

My mother’s oil lamp made it undamaged, though we have to get new wicks. I thought I’d lost the filler cap in the move and had the guys search the packing material for it. I finally concluded I must have left it behind when I hastily emptied it on the day of my move. About twelve hours later I remembered what I’d done with it. Sure enough, it was inside the lamp.

It was an emotionally charged day. I was very glad to see and be able to touch my things, sort through papers and look at my books; at the same time they felt out of place here in Springfield.

My desk fits in a treat behind the sofa where we envisioned it. We are now looking for a suitable chair to go with it. On it I’m keeping my (1936-41 vintage) model train and a model car which used to belong to my father. This is rather appropriate as most of the scratches and marks on the desk are derived from my childhood model making escapades.   

Now to find a place for it all. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.