June 1, 2008.Blanket Box (365:121)

Blanket Box (365:121)

It is about time the blanket box made a re-appearance. You should check out the drawing of this picture by Nathan. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Nathan’s request to make a drawing from this photograph. Whatever I thought, I decided to let him go ahead. I’m glad I did as he did an excellent job. He later told me that it was working on this picture that got him back into drawing, for which I’m very pleased.

I’ve not (yet) been challenged regarding using myself as a ‘life’ model for my photography, and when you’ve not got a model on hand what else can you do? I’m not a prude and I’m not ashamed. We all have bodies. Given that no one’s ever complained about my rector’s wife’s nude paintings (to my knowledge), It’d be pretty hypocritical for anyone to complain about my photography.

And some outtakes

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