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Robert’s ‘Official’ Christening Picture

Robert’s ‘Official’ Christening Picture. Copyright © 1985 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

The Christening of my eldest son Robert — Christening was the CofE’s term for baptism at the time, I’ve no idea if that has changed.

I found this picture a couple of days ago (2019) and set about restoring it. I just wish I’d had a higher resolution original to work with.

I remember the photo session, I used one of the studio Hasselblads and my own lighting, which was high wattage incandescent lamps. Hot! I borrowed the Hasselblad from a fellow photographer at the studio where I’d previously worked weekends shooting weddings — Thanks Geoff!

This picture captures what a cheeky chappie Robert was (and remains). The Christening gown must have got lost in the divorce, which is a shame, as here in Missouri I see a one-hundred-year-old christening gown doing the rounds, and this one is only 40 years younger.

My notes on this picture say:

[Taking this picture I used] My Photo lights which I ditched years ago (why?) And [this was] the only time I got my hands on the studio Hasselblad.

Robert is wearing my christening gown. Unfortunately, when the time came, Keith was too big to fit into it.

Copyright © 1985 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.