List of software updates and changes — not new posts etc. Started in July 2019, so limited historical data.

July 2019

  • Installed wp-sweep and Cleared old post revision data (several thousand entries).
  • Created home page, adjusted menus, and page links to include the new page.
  • Additional CSS to support the home page.
  • Created Show Me page.
  • Updated the About & Contact pages to link to the home page etc.
  • Add icons to links to indicate the purpose of the link. Not implemented sitewide. I’m fixing links as I find them and prioritizing popular posts. All affiliate links should have been caught and updated.

June 2019

  • Added icon support and updated implementation of the clock icon sitewide.
  • Updated the dark background texture image.
  • Started adding Big Drop cap and tombstone icon. the latter uses [ daicon type=tomb]
  • Redesigned Archive page to use four columns, full-width.
  • Added dark background text to archive screens.

January 2019

  • Switched over to the Astra Pro theme.
  • Major reworking of the site.
  • Dozens of tweaks to improve the layout and presentation.
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