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D’oh! In a repeat of the dishwasher dying right after I spent money on a new hammock … The freezer died tonight, less than a week after we laid down the cash on our new furniture.

Following a successful field test with our old lounging hammock, I decided I could afford to buy a light-weight backpacking hammock, tarp, and under-quilt …

Four hours later the dishwasher died and we were mopping up a quarter inch of water from the kitchen floor.

That moment when a sharp pain in the groin wakes you in the middle of the night … And, upon investigation you discover a cat’s claw (attached to a cat) embedded in one’s scrotum.

I live in America, remind me why I’m studying the 119 page EU General Data Protection Regulation? — the joys of doing business online in 2018.

Windows 10 Creators Edition; finding creative ways of ruining your day.

The “I can’t give a f**k” is strong in this one. — The struggle is real.

is not taking my medication regularly making me forgetful? Or, is it the other way around?

Earlier this evening. New definition of incongruous. Brit driving an Impala through the Ozarks while loudly singing along with 1970s Canterbury prog. rock. #caravan #cunningstunts

Did I miss the memo? We seem to have skipped August and September and jumped straight to October. Brrrr.

One day I’ll grow up. But not today. Thanks to Leslie Nielsen I’m giggling at the thought of the up-coming Beaver Moon.

That moment when you congratulate yourself on losing 10 lbs … and then realize you have another 16 lbs to go.

That Moment when … standing in the shower you realize that the hot water heater is out and there’s no hot water.

Tonight I must sleep, for tomorrow may bring … Pork Pies !!!!!

Yesterday Ginger and I were discussing the absurdity of Lay-away … … I still haven’t got the tune of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” out of my head.

That moment when … you are reminded, too late, that some things were made before microwave ovens were common…

So much click-bait, so little time…

Microsoft – reducing grown men to tears since 1975.

That confusing moment … when driving home from Sedalia today I wondered when I was going to catch sight of the sea.

I may need more coffee… It just took me several seconds to realize the reason I couldn’t get my tee shirt on was because I had put my arm through the neck hole.

In the UK chimneys are swept from the bottom up. I might have expected things to be different in the Ozarks…

[Today I swept Tom & Rebbie’s chimney. Tom had an operation on his back a short while ago and doesn’t need to be climbing on roofs.]

It’s magic how much cleaner the house is now the adults outnumber the children. If we outnumbered the kittehs it’d be almost spotless.

I attended an ‘Active Shooter’ training session at church a couple of days ago, I think this should be filed under ‘Things I didn’t expect to learn/discuss at church’.

That’s three words I’ve had to Google today. This is getting far too highbrow for the run up to a holiday weekend. I need a break and a beer already.

So, I can spell pneumatic, but I can’t get ‘hose’ right (hoze) My only excuse has to be that I was subconsciously trying to Webster-ize it.

Out at 7:20am on the high school run for the first time in eighteen months.

“Wet snow likely on the higher Ozark Plateau tonight. Temperatures will be near freezing tonight. An additional one inch of slushy wet snow accumulations may be possible tonight on the plateau. Elsewhere, scattered rain showers tonight with some isolated flooding possible over the Eastern Ozarks.” NOAA.

I know the weather in the Ozarks is variable, but…

I caught myself using the dreadful American pronunciation of the word herb tonight – ‘erb.

This time last year we were backpacking with Lanie at Piney Creek Wilderness and doing other exciting things!

Who knew? I Just stepped out into the garage for a pair of pliers. Darn it was chilly. 27°F (-3°C). Maybe I should have got dressed first?

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