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Bullet Journal Reboot – Sometime earlier this year I lost my journaling mojo. My Bullet Journal (BuJo) has been pretty much neglected and my personal journal has about one entry per month.      One-minute read, 2 pictures

It’s been a busy week. Three days spent out attending business meetings in Louisville Kentucky followed by confirmations and ordinations back in Springfield.      Three-minute read, 6 pictures

Final Descent.

Jim Beam and 400 West Market. 2 pictures

A Week in Denver – Communicators’ Conference 2019.      Three-minute read

Holy Communion at St. John’s Cathedral. Denver, Colorado. 3 pictures

Censing the Altar – Bishop-Elect Kimberly (Kym) Lucas. 2 pictures

Prayer Candles, St. John’s Cathedral Denver, Colorado

Altar – St. John’s Cathedral. Denver, Colorado.

Staircase – The stairs to the gallery were quite tight. 2 pictures

Potty Mouth – I don’t often take pictures in the men’s room. but when I do, I have a reason. Curtis Hotel, Denver.

The Baptism of Persephone – I’ve often said that working for the Church I am privileged to be present at key moments in people’s lives. Unexpectedly that happened at this weekend’s Easter Vigil service.      One-minute read, 2 pictures

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