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Who knew? I Just stepped out into the garage for a pair of pliers. Darn it was chilly. 27°F (-3°C). Maybe I should have got dressed first?

A typical example…
…of why everything takes so damned long.

Resignation – I have to give three months’ notice at work. So linking the end of my employment to having my US Visa is a nightmare. One-minute read

Plans are afoot – With the possibility of the Visa being approved any day more and more likely we’ve been turning our thoughts to fixing a few dates. Two-minute read

US visa time-line – Right now the immigration dept is processing the I-129F, which merely evaluates if this is a valid case and if Ginger is truly a citizen. If they don’t need more information and things go smoothly, and this is processed at the current rate, we will get this approved approximately August 15 to September 1. One-minute read

Now we’re officially engaged, that puts the seal on things, and today we posted the huge pile of papers that makes up my visa application. With current processing times we’re looking at my having my embassy interview sometime in November.

k1 Visa – After a lot of debate, we are going to file for the K1 Visa. Essentially the immigration choices are … Two-minute read

Today I received the decree absolute. Four months after my first meeting with my solicitor. Now we can apply for my visa. All I need is the list of papers I need to take with me on my next visit.

Decree absolute: Unknown to me at the time, but on this day my Decree absolute was declared.

Decree nisei – Today the decree nisei was issued. I didn’t receive a copy until the 12th. One-minute read

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