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British Passport (2018)

Rinse and Repeat. The shop assistant squealed, she’d never seen a passport before, let alone a British one … The UK and the US. It’s often said that they are two nations separated by a common language. After ten years living in the US I can confirm that it is still true. [Five-minute read. 1 picture.]

Following a successful field test with our old lounging hammock, I decided I could afford to buy a light-weight backpacking hammock, tarp, and under-quilt …

Four hours later the dishwasher died and we were mopping up a quarter inch of water from the kitchen floor.

The Unknown Joys of Cartography. Several years ago we made a map … [Words only]

That moment when a sharp pain in the groin wakes you in the middle of the night … And, upon investigation you discover a cat’s claw (attached to a cat) embedded in one’s scrotum.

I live in America, remind me why I’m studying the 119 page EU General Data Protection Regulation? — the joys of doing business online in 2018.

Windows 10 Creators Edition; finding creative ways of ruining your day.

The “I can’t give a f**k” is strong in this one. — The struggle is real.

Photograph of Ginger and Gary Allman on the Coy Bald Trail

In 2010 we went from car camping to hiking and backpacking in six months. I reflect on what instigated that change, and how we are going to keep on getting out. [8 pictures]

Tonight I went on Facebook and asked my family to think about my end of life plans – specifically what to do with all my personal effects.

Earlier this evening. New definition of incongruous. Brit driving an Impala through the Ozarks while loudly singing along with 1970s Canterbury prog. rock. #caravan #cunningstunts

Clone photograph of Gary Allman. September 2007.

Think you have been scammed by Gary Allman, Gary Brooks, Rick Brooks or others who have an uncanny resemblance to me? Click to read more.

Vacation Days 3-5 – Working. All I had to do was create the artwork and then upload it all to the printer’s website — That was before we rented two weeks display time on an electronic billboard.

One day I’ll grow up. But not today. Thanks to Leslie Nielsen I’m giggling at the thought of the up-coming Beaver Moon.

Journaling reboot: Photograph of a home-made leather journal and fountain pens

After a long break I started journaling again at the beginning of the year. I had been using A5 notebooks because they fitted nicely in my leather TMI binder. The problem with the TMI binder is that it is big and awkward to carry. After a lot of thought and some experimentation I decided to …

Journaling Re-boot Read More »

Microsoft – reducing grown men to tears since 1975.

Thursday night the washer started smoking. Obviously that’s not a habit to be encouraged, so I took a quick look and determined that the transmission support bearing had broken up. Today I stripped the washer down, removed the transmission and ‘rescued’ these loose bits of bearing I found littering the inside of the washer. Now …

Washer Repairs (Part I) Read More »

Today saw the end of my four years of study Though it took me five years to complete the course – I took a year’s sabbatical in 2013/2014 as I was too busy to fit all the course work in. Completing the course means I’ve spent over 400 hundred hours in class, and well over …

EFM Graduation Read More »

In the UK chimneys are swept from the bottom up. I might have expected things to be different in the Ozarks…

[Today I swept Tom & Rebbie’s chimney. Tom had an operation on his back a short while ago and doesn’t need to be climbing on roofs.]

Labor Day Weekend With The Parents — Saturday, contrary to expectations of a sleep-in, I was up at 6:30 am to accompany Jim to my first Midwest auction. [Words and 2 pictures]

Spent the day with cap’n John getting the boat ready for some real sailing – he has a mainsail. Unfortunately the ‘iron Topsail’ is currently broken, and beyond my knowledge to repair.

Breakfast meal - steak, mushrooms, vegitables topped off with an egg, sunny side up.

I’ve been spending far too much time at my desk and not enough time out and about. The lack of exercise has taken it toll, and it’s time to start doing something; reduce my weight and get more exercise.

Out at 7:20am on the high school run for the first time in eighteen months.

Tool: Scribe on a workbench.

Jim must have either left this behind, or snuck it into my ‘workshop’ a couple of weeks ago when he and Carol came down to install the Bottle Tree.

It’s not unheard of to find things tucked away in odd places after they’ve visited.

Overnight I had been sent a link to an e-version of the diocese magazine Spirit. This was so I could embed a copy in the diocese website. Fortunately that was a simple task. Checking the magazine I was surprised, and very pleased, to find that the pictures I took at the Bishop’s Ball were featured on the cover

My friend John recently got his ASA Basic Keelboat sailing certificate. When he said he wanted a sailing buddy to help him out on his first day sail in a keelboat without an instructor I jumped at the chance

Christ Episcopal Church EFM Retreat 2013

I’ve now finished my third year of EfM – Education for Ministry. Ministry in this context refers to service, not as many of my UK friends and family thought, ordination. Though I do have to admit I kept that snippet of information quiet when talking to my Buddhist uncle,

“Wet snow likely on the higher Ozark Plateau tonight. Temperatures will be near freezing tonight. An additional one inch of slushy wet snow accumulations may be possible tonight on the plateau. Elsewhere, scattered rain showers tonight with some isolated flooding possible over the Eastern Ozarks.” NOAA.

I spent Saturday working on colorizing a book and website illustration, Sunday I was scheduled to usher at church. So, there was no chance to get out and hike or backpack this weekend.

We spent a long weekend backpacking in Hercules Glades. The highlight being an afternoon resting and enjoying the spring sunshine on top of a 260 ft. bluff overlooking Beaver Creek.

I know the weather in the Ozarks is variable, but…

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