The pictures I have taken as part of my voluntary work – mainly for Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield and The Diocese of West Missouri.

It’s been a busy week

It’s been a busy week. Three days spent out attending business meetings in Louisville Kentucky followed by confirmations and ordinations back in Springfield. Three-minute read, 6 pictures


Oops! I walked into a plate glass window. No real damage done, and luckily there was no one around to witness me doing it.


Sometimes the picture you end up with isn’t the picture you thought you were taking.

Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Christ Church

Thanksgiving Dinner at Christ Church – Every year Christ Church offers a free Thanksgiving Dinner, This year we served up over three hundred meals and handed out one-hundred and twenty-five take home boxes. One-minute read. 16 pictures.

A Thanksgiving place mat and the value of proofreading

Producing the place mat for the Christ Church 2013 Thanksgiving Dinner, came with an added bonus of a lesson I obviously needed to re-learn.

Four baptisms and a sermon

Four baptisms and a sermon – Four baptisms today, and I was fortunate to be able to catch this great picture of Fr. Ken lighting a candle among all the watching choir kids. 10 pictures

Bishop’s Ball 2013

Bishop’s Ball 2013 – Following the diocesan convention I went to the Youth Meeting and took some pictures at the Bishop’s Ball. +15

Youth Lock-out and Camp Shawio Sunday

Saturday night youth lock-out followed by a Sunday morning service and picnic at Camp Shawio. 32 pictures

Blessing of the Animals #2

Part 2 in which Getzger is Blessed, has a falling out with his friend Fara, and meets a bunny.

Blessing of the Animals #1

Part 1 – my favorite pictures from this afternoon’s Blessing of the Animals.

Cider Days Youth Group Parking Lot Fund Raiser

Lanie is helping out at the Church Cider Days Parking Lot Youth Group Fund Raiser. She’s also performing at Cider Days with the Little Mermaid cast. I grabbed this shot when I dropped her off this morning.

2013 Stewardship Posters

My idea this year was to emphasize just how much the church does and what is at stake if we don’t maintain a healthy level of giving of our time, funds, and experience (time, treasure, talent to use church-speak).

John and Kris Graduate from EfM

John and Kris Graduate from EfM – Today I got to see my friends John and Kris receive their EfM certificates. Four years, all done. 2 pictures

Lanie & Landon giving their stewardship speeches

Lanie & Landon giving their stewardship speeches – Today Lanie (and Landon) delivered speeches at all three services on the topic of giving gratefully. 2 pictures

Stewardship Campaign Ministry and Stewardship Sunday brunch invite

Invitation to Ministry and Stewardship Sunday at Christ Church. I wanted to make an invitation/ reminder that people would want to keep around for a while,

Last Sunday at Church

Last Sunday at church – I was ushering and Lanie volunteered to acolyte. One-minute read, 4 pictures

The Dedication of Rose Cottage

I volunteered to take pictures at the Dedication of Rose Cottage, a shelter for abused women and their families. The pictures have now been made public so I can post them here too.

Not my usual subjects

Not my usual subjects – Not the sort of promotional materials I usually produce for church, but we had some gardening equipment to dispose of.

Dropping Lanie off at Camp WeMo at Wakonda

Dropping Lanie off at Camp WeMo at Wakonda – Lanie’s off to Camp WeMo (WEst MissOuri) at Wakonda for the week, so this afternoon we dropped her off, and I took advantage of the visit to grab a few pictures. One-minute read, Album: 10 pictures

Getting Ready at Camp WeMo

Getting Ready at Camp WeMo

A nice way to start the day

Overnight I had been sent a link to an e-version of the diocese magazine. This was so I could embed a copy in the diocesan website. Fortunately that was a simple task. Checking the magazine I was surprised, and very pleased, to find that the pictures I took at the Bishop’s Ball were featured on the cover.

Lanie’s last day in the St. Cecilia Choir (visit to St. John’s)

Today was the last appearance of the St Cecilia Choir before the summer break, and Lanie’s last appearance in the Junior Choir. This year the choir visited another Episcopal church in Springfield – St. John’s.


Today is Pentecost (Whitsunday back in the UK) and the last day of three services on a Sunday at Church until the fall. Yay for Sunday lie-ins to come! Two-minute read, 10 pictures

Working weekend

I spent Saturday working on colorizing a book and website illustration, Sunday I was scheduled to usher at church. So, there was no chance to get out and hike or backpack this weekend.